First Day of Practice 10 Days Away

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First Day of Practice 10 Days Away

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Hard to believe, but the official start of basketball practice is only about 10 days away if the math I learned at Leoni Elementary School is still valid. (I keep hearing about new math and alternate facts, so I’m not sure of anything these days).

Anyway, the first day of practice is 42 days before the season opens, which is Nov. 6 this year. Backing that up, it looks like Sept. 26 will be the first day. That's a week from Tuesday. Even if that's not exact, it’s sure to be a very small difference. I’m betting on Sept. 26, though.

The players having been working for quite some time now, not to mention the fact that we had 10 days of real, coach-involved practice before the Italy trip in August. Formal practice includes physical conditioning and skills work in addition to on-the-floor team activities. Basically, it's anything involving the coaches.

Teams are allowed 30 practices in the 42 days allotted.