Four-year Scholarship Chart

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Four-year Scholarship Chart

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NOTE: Re-creation of this list from a few months back.

I decided to do a four-year scholarship/roster chart mostly as a reference for myself, but I also thought some of you might enjoy it. Mainly, it just charts the upcoming rosters. Of course, it does not take into account possible transfers. There will probably be a few in or out in the coming years, but since there is no way to know who or when, I just ignore that. The exception is the ’24-’25 roster where we know Bella LaChance and Jordyn Oliver could stay another year or move on after graduating. I think both will stay around for the extra season, so I included both as a possible 12th and 13th player on the roster.

This year’s roster has 13 players with Jordyn Cambridge the only player sure to leave at the end of the season. We already have a commitment from post player Trinity Wilson for next year, so that would keep us at 13 players, assuming LaChance and Oliver do stay. The big takeaway of that is this year’s and next year’s recruiting classes are likely to be quite small.

Four-year Scholarship Chart

1 (grad student) Jordyn Cambridge
2 + (senior) Bella LaChance
3 + (senior) Jordyn Oliver
4 (junior) Sacha Washington
5 * (sophomore) Iyanna Moore
6 (sophomore) Ryanne Allen
7 (sophomore) Jada Brown
8 (sophomore) Justine Pissott
9 (freshman) Bailey Gilmore
10 (freshman) Madison Greene
11 (freshman) Agata Makurat
12 (freshman) Aiyana Mitchell
13 (freshman) Khamil Pierre

+ Means player could use extra year of eligibility in 2024-25 due to covid. This is the final season for the extra year of eligibility
* Redshirt junior

1 (sen) Sacha Washington
2 (jun) Iyanna Moore
3 (jun)) Ryanne Allen
4 (jun) Jada Brown
5 (jun) Justine Pissott
6 (soph) Bailey Gilmore
7 (soph) Madison Greene
8 (soph) Agata Makurat
9 (soph) Aiyana Mitchell
10 (soph) Khamil Pierre
11 (fr) Trinity Wilson

12 (covid year possible) Bella LaChance
13 (covid year possible) Jordyn Oliver

1 (sr) Iyana Moore
2 (sr) Ryanne Allen
3 (sr) Jada Brown
4 (sr) Justine Pissott
5 (jr) Bailey Gilmore
6 (jr) Madison Greene
7 (jr) Agata Makurat
8 (jr) Aiyana Mitchell
9 (jr) Khamil Pierre
10 (soph) Trinity Wilson
11 (fr) Ava Jaye Black

1 (sr) Bailey Gilmore
2 (sr) Madison Greene
3 (sr) Agata Makurat
4 (sr) Aiyana Mitchell
5 (sr) Khamil Pierre
6 (jr) Trinity Wilson
7 (soph) Ava Jaye Black
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Re: Four-year Scholarship Chart

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Thanks Mike!

Conquer!!...,and Prevail!!!
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Re: Four-year Scholarship Chart

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Thanks. I don't know how you couldn't be excited about the future of this program. My problem- and it's my fault- i don't have much patience.
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